WebConfig Login Error Re Domain List

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 WebConfig Login Error Re Domain List

Problem Summary Error is displayed on the WebConfig Login page/the Domain drop-down list is empty.
Error Message Error Message: “Could not Load the List of Domains. Refresh the Page and Try again.”

Note: In C:\icm\tomcat\ CCBU.startup.log the following is shown:
"com.cisco.ccbu.api.jaxb.error.ApiException: Cannot connect to the backend system; the distributor and/or router services may not be running.][message_string=uncaught exception thrown by the api]: The REST API has caught an exception"

Possible Cause

The router, logger, or distributor services have not started successfully. Check to ensure that all these services have successfully started. The domain list is retrieved from the database.

Recommended Action Ensure that the router, logger, and distributor processes are running.
Release 9.0(1)
Associated CDETS # None.

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