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VoiceXML Scripts Fail

For more information on the 'HTTP Client Cookie' feature, see the Cisco IOS Tcl IVR and VoiceXML Application Guide.
Problem Summary VoiceXML scripts fail with a CALL_ERROR error message.
Error Message CALL_ERROR; at line 5: Undeclared ECMAScript variable audium_vxmlLog
Possible Cause The Cisco Gateway is configured with the 'no http client cookie' statement.
Recommended Action Enable the HTTP client to send and receive cookies on the Cisco Gateway when using VoiceXML applications by entering the following command:

http client cookie

This command is enabled by default. You do not need to enter it unless you have previously disabled cookie support by using the 'no http client cookie' command. Use the 'show running-config' command to verify the HTTP configuration information. If the defaults are used, HTTP configuration commands are not shown. If changes have been made to the HTTP defaults, the configuration is shown. For example, the following output shows the HTTP client cookie parameter configured to a non-default value:

no http client cookie

Release Release 7.0(2)
Associated CDETS # None.

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