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VXML Server/Tomcat crashes and displays an OutOfMemoryError

Problem Summary VXML Server/Tomcat crashes and displays an OutOfMemoryError : PermGen message
Error Message In logs, java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space
Possible Cause Large Application Size and PermGen space is not enough to hold the application or jar files.
Recommended Action

Increase the PermGem space.

To increase the PermGen Space do the following:

1. Open the Regedit and navigate to the following location Wow6432Node -> Apache Software Foundation -> Procrun 2.0 -> VXMLServer -> Parameters -> Java -> Options.
2. Double click over Options or right click over Options and press modify.
3. Append the following in the Value data box:
4. Restart the VXMLServer service.

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Associated CDETS # CSCvb80923

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