Upgrade: Data out of sync after upgrade

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Data out of sync after upgrade

Problem Summary

The primary server starts taking calls after the switch verson process completes and the secondary server is still runnning the older version of the software. After you switch the secondary server to the newer version of the software, the data may not be synchronized between the primary and secondary servers.

Error Message

Data is not synchronized between the primary database and secondary database.

Possible Cause

Mismatched software versions on the primary and secondary servers may cause this issue if the upgrade process is not completed on both servers.

Recommended Action

Issue the run db_reset_replication CLI command on the secondary server to synchronize data between both servers. Use the show db_synchronization status CLI command to check the data synchronization status.


Release 8.5(3), Release 8.5(4), Release 9.0(1). 

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