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Problem Summary The procmon tool allows you to look into the PIM and see what it is doing

or has done. The syntax for starting PROCMON is the same as EMSMON, the difference is PROCMON is an interactive shell.

Error Message None.
Possible Cause The procmon tool should be run on the active side PIM. If the listed commands are not run on the active side, they do not return any information.
Recommended Action Start PROCMON with the command procmon icm PG1A pim1 where icm is your instance name, PG1A is the correct PG, and pim1 is the correct PIM for your system.
Release Release 7.6(1) and Release 8.0(1)

debug - Set Tracing

Details debug /on, or debug /on /level 3 will turn on the suggested default level of tracing. Levels are from 1 to 5, with 1 being the least tracing (0 actually none) and 5 being the greatest amount of tracing.
Example output
C:\Documents and Settings\torero>procmon icm PG1A pim1
>>>>debug /on /level 3
Release Release 7.6(1) and Release 8.0(1)

as - Autoconfiguration Status

Details The as (Autoconfiguration Status) command provides a brief summary of the auto-configuration status. Authentication Send completed means the command has completed.

Be sure to note the error count. If any errors are present you can look in the log files in C:\icm\<INSTANCE>\<PG>\logfiles, for example C:\icm\icm\pg1A\logfiles or look at the autoconfigerror.txt file which is available in C:\icm\<INSTANCE>\<PG> for example C:\icm\icm\pg1A.

Example output
C:\Documents and Settings\torero>procmon icm PG1A pim1
Autoconfiguration Status Information
Total AutoConfiguration Errors = 0
Autoconfiguration Send completed
Release Release 7.6(1) and Release 8.0(1)

dagent - Dump Agent

Details The dagent (dump_agent) command will show you the PIM's view of what the

agents state is. The format is da {icmid}.

Note Note: The overall state show is inapplicable for Unified Expert Advisor, the skill ActiveGroupAssignment states are the ones to investigate, for example if the agent is ready and assigned to a skill group, the ActiveGroupAssignment state should display as State=AS_AVAILABLE. If any don't match what the agent's assignment queue state is in Expert Advisor, then the logs need to be investigated to see what the PIM received from the Unified Expert Advisor

Example output
C:\Documents and Settings\torero>procmon icm PG1A pim1
>>>>dagent 1
HashIndex=49 SkillTargetID=5025 PeripheralNumber=1 ExtensionNumber=1(1) 
ConfigExtension=-1(-1) InstrumentNumber=-1(-1)
  AgentDeskSettingsID=-1 ConfigSkillGroupIDSize=0 \
 EnterpriseName=Runtime_PG_1.Cable.Clark Description= UserDeletable=N
 FirstName=Clark LastName=Cable LoginName=1
  ActiveGroupAssignmentSize=51 StateSize=51 \
  ActiveGroupAssignment[0] - 3 (0x3) Priority=0 State=AS_AVAILABLE \
  ActiveGroupAssignment[1] - 2 (0x2) Priority=0 State=AS_AVAILABLE \
  ActiveGroupAssignment[2] - 5 (0x5) Priority=0 State=AS_AVAILABLE \
  ActiveGroupAssignment[3] - -1 (0xffffffff) Priority=255 State=AS_LOG_OUT \
    ActiveGroupAssignment[47] - -1 (0xffffffff) Priority=255 State=AS_LOG_OUT \
    ActiveGroupAssignment[48] - -1 (0xffffffff) Priority=255 State=AS_LOG_OUT \
    ActiveGroupAssignment[49] - -1 (0xffffffff) Priority=255 State=AS_LOG_OUT \
    ActiveGroupAssignment[50] -  -1 (0xffffffff) Priority=255 State=AS_LOG_OUT \
               ConfigParam= SupervisorAgent=N
               ConfigParam= AgentLoginDisabled=N

       State                  =AS_AVAILABLE
       PrevalentState         =AS_AVAILABLE
       AcdLineState           =LS_IDLE
       InsideLineState        =LS_IDLE
       OutLineState           =LS_IDLE
       ConfXferLineState      =LS_IDLE
       ACDOutLineState        =LS_IDLE
       ACDConfXferLineState   =LS_IDLE
       ACDCallID              =-1
       InsideCallID           =-1
       OutBoundCallID         =-1
       ConfXferCallID         =-1
       ACDOutBoundCallID      =-1
       ACDConfXferCallID      =-1
       Line Information
           Extn:1/0 LT=LT_INBOUND_ACD  LS=LS_IDLE  SkGrp:0xFFFFFFFF CID=-1

Release Release 7.6(1) and Release 8.0(1)

lc - List Calls

Details The lc (list_calls) command displays calls that are active. For the Expert Advisor system this means all calls that had a routing dialog for, but have not yet received a CALL_TERMINATION_EVENT message.
No Active Calls If there are no calls active on Expert Advisor and a lc reveals calls on

the PIM generally that means that no CALL_TERMINATION_EVENT was received for that call.

Release Release 7.6(1) and Release 8.0(1)

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