Unified Communications Manager - Session Manager Edition: Staging Requirements

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If you wish to undertake end to end system testing (highly recommended)- the following points should be taken into consideration :

Dates for interoperability testing should be agreed during the review process - For a typical Session Manager Edition deployment, a three to four week test period should be scheduled (although this testing may take longer if additional 3rd Party UC systems are connected to the Session Manager cluster)

Technical Resources (If Advanced Services are engaged)

Advanced Services Test Engineer

Account CSE/SE assistance during the test period

Engineers capable of configuring and re-configuring the 3rd Party systems during the test period

Test Lab Build Requirements

Cisco has a limited quantity of Cisco UC demo equipment (Demo Depot) that can be used for interoperability testing. UC equipment can also be provided by the customer/partner. 3rd Party UC systems and Service Provider connections must be provided by the customer/partner.

The PBXs, Centralized Applications, IP PSTN Connections, CUCM clusters, gateways and phones should be physically co-located

The lab should be physically configured with basic calls capable of being made between all endpoints BEFORE testing starts

Typical Equipment List

Three Call Manager clusters - each with two MCS servers :

Session Manager and Standard Clusters running CUCM7.1(3) or above

Two 7960 Cisco IP Phones ( SCCP )

Two 7970 Cisco IP Phones ( SCCP )

Two 7961 Cisco IP Phones ( SIP )

Two 7971 Cisco IP Phones ( SIP )

Four Video Phones (CUVA or Cisco 7985)

Cisco 35XX Ethernet Switch with In-line Power

Cisco 28XX Gateways with on board DSPs and two FXS interfaces for FAX Machines

Cisco CUBE/ ASR-1000 Session Border Controller(s)

3rd Party Systems with associated endpoints

Laptop or Desktop PCs for CUVAs

Laptop or Desktop PC to run the Ethereal software

Internet access is required from the lab environment

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