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Interoperability and System Testing

Cisco's CUCM SME supports standards based interfaces such as SIP and H323 Trunks - However, most Unified CM Session Management Edition deployments will interconnect multiple UC systems from different UC vendors, or different UC system software versions. As with any large UC System integration, it is important that your Session Manager design has been tested to verify system wide feature functionality before going live. Cisco cannot guarantee interoperability with 3rd party products (as features and functions may have been implemented using non standard or proprietary methods). Cisco's Interoperability team have put a program in place to test interoperability between Session Management Edition and other 3rd Party UC systems. Check here http://www.cisco.com/go/interoperability to see if your customer's 3rd Party UC system has been tested.

As with any large scale UC system where multiple vendors products are deployed - Some form of end to end system testing of UC features and functions should be undertaken prior to going live. From a TAC perspective, Cisco will support the standards based CUCM interfaces (SIP, H323, MGCP) - but cannot guarantee inter-operabilitry with 3rd Pary UC equipment. It is important that you discuss system testing with your Cisco partner and Cisco representative during the design phase of your SME deployment.

An example of a typical system test is discussed below

The test procedure is designed to characterize interoperability between one or two 3rd Party Connections and Leaf CUCM clusters via the Session Manager cluster.

For Example :

IP PBX1----SIP----Unified CM Session Manager----SIP----IP PSTN

IP PBX1----SIP----Unified CM Session Manager----SIP----CUCM

IP PSTN----SIP----Unified CM Session Manager----SIP----CUCM

CUCM-A-----SIP----Unified CM Session Manager----SIP----CUCM-B

Typical Features To Be Tested for Voice, Video and Secure calls

Calling Line (Number) Identification Presentation

Calling Line (Number) Identification Restriction

Calling Name Identification Presentation

Calling Name Identification Restriction

Connected Line (Number) Identification Presentation

Connected Line (Number) Identification Restriction

Connected Name Identification Presentation

Connected Name Identification Restriction

Alerting Name

Busy Name

Local Call Transfer (Blind/ Attended)

Remote Call Transfer (Blind/ Attended)

Call Forwarding Unconditional

Call Forwarding Busy

Call Forwarding No Reply

Call Back

MWI- Message Waiting Indication (lamp ON, lamp OFF)

Interoperability Testing is likely to be much more comprehensive than many customer's expectations. On average it takes three to four weeks to test multiple 3rd Party Leaf UC Systems, a Session Manager Cluster and two Leaf CUCM clusters.

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