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Unable to Import Projects

Problem Summary Customer developed Studio scripts in 10.5 CVP and tried to import in CallStudio of 11.0/11.5 CVP. For few scripts, import failed and showed an error message.
Error Message Call Studio Project import Failed: Project contains Start of Call element with same name as another element in main flow.From Call Studio 10.5(1) onwards,Start of Call element name must be unique.Please rename using previous version of Call Studio and retry.
Possible Cause Call Studio 11.0 on wards, no element is allowed to have the same name as the ‘start of call’ element.
This is the root cause of the error message seen during the import of the older apps, which used to allow the same.
Recommended Action 1. Import the problematic project into Call Studio 11.5 as a regular project (not a call studio project). The project will get imported successfully.
2. Search for the name of the ‘start-of-call’ element of the application.
3. If you find more than one occurrence of it on any page of the application, then that is the root cause of the import error.
4. On the main page, create a new ‘Page Entry’ element alongside the ‘start-of-call’ element.
5. Point the exit state of this new element to the same element that the ‘start-of-call’ element points to.
6. Make the occurrences of the page entry connectors, having the same name as the start-of-call element, to point to the new ‘Page Entry’ element created on the main page.
7. The app is now compatible with Call Studio 11.0 / 11.5, save and export it.
8. Delete the imported project and reimport as existing Call Studio project. It will not throw up any error on import.
Release 11.0, 11.5
Associated CDETS # CSCvb95979

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