Unable to Login

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Unable to Login

Problem Summary Unable to Login
Error Message Login Failed
Possible Cause The authentication provider would have returned error
Recommended Action 1. Log in to RTMT and download the Unified Intelligence Center server logs
2. Open the Unified Intelligence Center auth log. For example,cuic-auth-ERROR.log and cuic-auth-CCBU.log
3. Search for the following pattern in the above logs:

ERROR [http-bio-8444-exec-16] IMSAuthProviderRealm:_CUIC_AUTH_:CuicIMSProvider IMS Authentication failed for user: CUIC\adin

ERROR [http-bio-8444-exec-16] FormAuthenticationValve:_CUIC_AUTH_:localAuthenticate: authentication failed

Release Release 11.5(1)
Associated CDETS #   N/A

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