Troubleshooting Tips for Cisco HCS for Contact Center 11.5(1)

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Make sure there is no windows or network firewall in place. Turn all firewalls off first to test then look at ports able to tracert in both directions between all servers which need to communicate with each other Server communication and configuration need to be checked properly. Application connection properly configured in on icm User login works properly

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Product/Component Problem Summary Error Code/Error Message Recommended Action Associated CDETs


CVP was not able to send Network VRU label to VVB.
CVP was not able to send Network VRU label to VVB.
Uncheck "Enable send Calls to Originator" check box in CVP dial number pattern configuration for Network VRU label When VVB is used instead of VXML gateway.
SSO Unable to access finesse desktop
Dedicated finesse in sub customer location
Add conditional forward in sub customer domain for hosted IDS domain controller No
SSO Application Authentication fails with "System Error" Idp unable to redirect to Application page Verify all the claim rules properly.Mostly the customized claim rules No
SSO Unable to login customer ADFS Error Event ID:364
Encountered error during federation passive request
ADFS server should be synced with the time server and the time server should be in correct time zone. No
CCMP ISE takes a long time to open Web server access forbidden Start the Distributor service on the AW. No
CCMP Cannot connect to distributor. Script Editor will now exit. The AW Distributor service is running but ISE cannot connect to it. Ensure that the firewall on the server running the Unified CCE AW has been configured to allow inbound traffic from ISE on the appropriate port. For more information, consult the relevant Unified CCE documentation. No

Not able to send chat request to the agent (SSO/Non-SSO)

1."Lines Busy" error after waiting for 1 minute if
we select agent availability as "Not required" in chat entry poing configuration.
2."Our service hours are 9 AM to 5 PM" if we select agent availability as "required" in chat entry point configuration.


Enable "Expanded call variables" for ece in AWDB. No
ECE Not able accept exception for ece in mozilla. Option not available.

No options available to accept exceptions for ece gadget in finesse.


1.Click open menu -> options -> Advanced -> Certificates -> View certificate -> Provide "https://ecewebserver _FQDN" and
click get certificate -> Confirm it -> Click Ok. Go to finesse tab refresh link.
2. Open ece web UI in the browser explicitly.
ECE Getting error pop up for ece gadgent in finesse when loggen in from IE

Error asking to click "ok" to refresh, if we click ok the error pop up will keep on coming.


Need to configure required browser settings for ECE in all the servers where you open ece UI.
Refer ece browser setting document.

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