Troubleshooting CUPC logon issues after CUPS upgrade

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CUPC users may no longer be able to log in with their CUPC application after an upgrade to the Presence server.


This error is mostly seen after a CUPS upgrade when one, some, most, or all CUPC clients can no longer access their CUPC application using the same credentials as before.

Issue was encoutered when the Presence Engine was not able to be started after upgrade/version switch. This can be due to the corruption of TimesTen DSN ttLogin which datastore was not cleared sometimes before switching to new version.

Due to the corruption of TimesTen DSN ttLogin which datastore was not cleared sometimes before switching to new version.


Errors seen in the SIP Proxy Logs (detailed logging enabled):

11:01:11.324 |Fri Oct 08 11:01:11 2010] PID(13318) mod_sip_ttdb.cpp(537)
check_return_code(): TimesTen ODBC Error
11:01:11.324 |Fri Oct 08 11:01:11 2010] PID(13318) mod_sip_ttdb.cpp(558) check_return_code(): *** [TimesTen][TimesTen ODBC Driver][TimesTen]TT0907: Unique constraint (AOR) violated at Rowid <0x0014acf8> -- file "ttree.c", lineno 4227, procedure "sbTtInsert"
ODBC Error/Warning = 23000, TimesTen Error/Warning = 907

11:01:11.324 |Fri Oct 08 11:01:11 2010] PID(13318) mod_sip_ttdb.cpp(356)
ttdb_execute_query(): OW_SQLExecute error

11:01:11.324 |Fri Oct 08 11:01:11 2010] [error] Error executing statement
PID(13318) mod_sip_registry.c(1087) sip_add_registry_entry: rc = 1
11:01:11.324 |Fri Oct 08 11:01:11 2010] PID(13318) sip_sm.c(2463) Error registering
enduser ggunz. Return code: 500
11:01:11.324 |ID(13318) sip_sm.c(1176) Sent 381 bytes TCP packet to
SIP/2.0 500 Server Internal Error

Errors seen in the CUPC logs (Enable detailed logging enabled).

2010-11-01 11:01:21,621 [0x00000abc] ERROR LCIsuaLog - (WABIMSG_SDKMSG) CSuaCallControlManager.Singleton.Asynchronous::CProxyRegistrationHelper::onFailure[3561] - Failed to register! error-code: 500, msg:
'Server Internal Error'. Will no longer attempt registration for this SIP proxy target.

To correct the problem we will need root access into the CUPS box:

Please run the two commands and send them to TAC so they can get you root access:

admin: utils remote_account enable
admin: utils remote_account create ciscotac 30

This will create a root account called 'ciscotac' for '30' days.

Please run the following commands (Unix is specific about case)

1) touch /usr/local/pe/afterL2Upgrade.txt
2) chmod 666 /usr/local/pe/afterL2Upgrade.txt
3) reboot the CUPS box with the command from the admin prompt: utils system restart

Additional Information

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