The Chat Subsystem is not in service

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Problem Summary The Chat Subsystem is not in service. 
Error Message
Possible Cause
  • SocialMinner is not configured.
  • SocialMiner is not reachable from the Unified CCX server.
  • Cisco Unified CCX Notification Service is not up and running.
  • SocialMiner XMPP service is down.
  • Cisco Unified CCX Premium license is not uploaded.
Recommended Action
  • Log in to Cisco Unified CCX Administration, navigate to Subsystem > Chat > SocialMiner Configuration, and then configure SocialMiner.
  • If SocialMiner is configured, check whether configuration status is green. If not, save the configuration again.
  • Check the Cisco Unified CCX Notification Service is in service. If not, restart the service.
  • If Unified CCX does not have a Premium license, upload one. The Chat feature is available only with a Premium license.
  • Restart SocialMiner XMPP Service.
Release Release 10.5(1)
Associated CDETS # N/A

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