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I'm looking for more information around the recommendation to use IIS for the CVP Media Server instead of Apache Tomcat when the compontents are collocated. This recommendation seems confusing because we typically use the Tomcat instance installed for VXML Server as the Media Server, since it's already there and allows the best integration into CVP Studio applications. Does it have something to do with the way that Tomcat uses the processors in a VM versus IIS?

To me it seems odd that the addition of another process/application (IIS) which is not installed by default with Windows or CVP would allow for better performance than the Tomcat instance that is actually running *for* CVP use...?

Response from Cisco's Jim Yang, Technical Leader, Engineering, on CVP Team: Cisco uses IIS as media servers in CVP solution qualification. IIS has better performance than Tomcat for serving static files.

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