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After reviewing multiple documents, it seems that BE6k has a maximum CTI endpoint number of 1200. As listed here:



We have an email thread going about the number of locations on the BE6x servers. Below was the outcome. We determined using the number on this wiki were good since the smaller user system would most likely not reach anywhere near the specified maximum numbers. David

If I recall correctly, we discussed those BE6K limits a while back and decided to basically keep the same system limits across all the BE6K sizes (except of course the number of users/phones/BHCA). That would keep things simpler and we wouldn’t have to come up with new artificial limits. And anyway, with the restrictions on users/phones/BHCA on BE6KS, customers won’t typically get close to those system limits. So 50 GW, 50 sites. I would suggest to use that same limit for the number of UCM locations if someone asks. I don’t think 2k locations would be necessary with a BE6K deployment. Regards, Laurent

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