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"This hardware has not been directly tested or documented by Cisco UC, but meets certain specifications for which UC applications are supported" => Can we follow this full page for the Contact Center portfolio ? (or limited to CUCM, CUPS, CUC ...)

Third party hardware vendors

>The following are NOT supported: ... >Any other 3rd-party server vendor, such as Dell, Fujitsu, Oracle/Sun

As Cisco partners, we get continously asked "Why can't I use my Dell Blade center as long is it meets the performance requirements?"

The only answer we've been able to give is "I don't know". It would be extremely helpful if Cisco could explain WHY only HP and IBM are being supported when at the same time Cisco is publishing performance standards.

In a specification based requirement, it shouldn't matter WHO the vendor is as long as it meets CPU, Memory, Speed, etc. requirements. This question has been asked repeatedly by many folks, but there has never been an answer a customer can understand provided.

The response "You'll have to get Cisco UCS" is usually followed by a customer response "no, we aren't going to do that" when they already have a large investment in a blade infrastructure.

We really need some better reasoning behind this as partners. We can carry the message, but "because Cisco said so" isn't working for most customers on this issue at this point.

Xeon 7500 Family Requirements

"Intel Xeon 7500 family with minimum physical core speed of 2.53 GHz " -> I was asked by a customer whether his x7560 CPUs were supported. After doing some research I think there's something wrong with the spec: There is not a single processor within that family that meets the requirements:

Can you please look into this?

Latest Intel CPUs/Cisco Servers

The latest C-Class servers (C220, C240) use the Xeon E5-2600 CPUs. Will these CPUs be added to the supported list ?


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