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Draft PfR FaQ Page. Open to new questions, comments, and edits a/o 20 August 2010 until further notice. Please enter any Questions you would like to see included in the PfR FAQ here. -The Cisco PfR Mgmt Team

Question: Talking about PfR and IP Telephony; as far as we know, PfR do link sensing MOS, jitter, delay, etc-based and whenever a link is down or present a brownout, the traffic is sent through the secondary link and/or the link with better performance. The question is, what happens when both links (or all links) are down or with brownouts? It is possible for PfR to re-route the calls through the PSTN? What will happen?

Lets consider a CUCM centralized solution please.

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1. How do I choose the version of PFR to use? Does it automatically start using PFRv3 if I configure domain?

2. The FAQ says that if only a default route is found for a prefix (traffic class) then PFR wither puts a BGP or static route towards the default route next hop. If that is case then does it mean that using split routing for local internet break out can cause blackout of traffic if no route exists through the alternate PFR link?

3. Why split tunneling can not be used be EIGRP route control?

4. With PFRv3 how to achieve load balancing with split tunneling? Scenario - Two internet links, Two DMVPN tunnels for corporate traffic, Internet traffic locally out directly using the default route. Tunnel interfaces are external interfaces for PFR. Can we mention physical interface as well as external interface and do load sharing? Or PFR is not possible for split tunneled traffic? It may also cause asymmetric routing. IS there a way to overcome that?

5. Does PFR check the reachability for internet traffic? If yes, then how?

6. Can default route act as a parent route?

7. What happens to the traffic that is not part of site-prefix or enterprise prefix? Does it get load shared by PFR or does it follow normal routing?

8. Can the enterprise prefix be

9. How to configure PFR when two sites have same site-prefix? Example - To active-active datacenters with layer-2 extension between them?

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