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Hi All, I have Cisco Unity Express Version 8.6.1, and there is custom script running, I want to modify that script with language option and also call goes into the queue if extension busy and play prompt agent are busy we are trying to connect you.” that custom prompt I have”. Once agent extension free which call in the queue, ring on that extension.

Summary of my need. 1- Add language option in my exciting script “press 1 for English, 2 for Italian, 3 for French” 2- If extension busy the call goes in the queue and play prompt until extension become an idle once the extension idle, so the calls are in queue, ring on that extension by priority, who goes first in queue, ring first and others remain in queue, but no need time out for that call to disconnect automatically, until the caller party hang the call.

Please somebody can help me to adjust that script for my Cisco Unity Express Version 8.6.1.

I will wait for your kind reply. Thanks

Regards, Kashan

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