Start of Initial audio prompt not delivered to customer end point

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Start of Initial audio prompt not delivered to consumer end point

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Problem Summary When playing initial audio prompt for audio in queue message to a Remote Expert Mobile Consumer, it has been noticed that first couple of sceonds of audio get chopped.
Error Message N/A
Possible Cause

A call between Consumer application and Remote Expert Server consists of two protocol layers, 

  • SIP is used for negotiating codec and establishing call path
  • STUN to establish media path.

The issue is caused by the fact that the SIP side starts sending media as soon as it receives the SDP offer from the Remote Expert Server. However the media broker component of Remote Expert would not start sending media to the browser until it has:

1. Received the answer from the SIP side (which contains the codecs that we may want to offer to the web side)
2. Then it starts the stun process to establish the path on the browser side which has to complete before media is finally sent to the browser.

Recommended Action The recommended work around for this issue is to add a second or so of silence (or comfort noise) at the beginning of an announcement.
Release Remote Expert Mobile
Associated CDETS # None

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