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  1. Administration: Finesse Administration fails to save secondary Finesse server ‎(7 categories)
  2. Administration: Log collection fails ‎(7 categories)
  3. Call Control: Extra participant on Agent Desktop in conference call ‎(7 categories)
  4. Notifications: No presence notifications being received by the desktop ‎(6 categories)
  5. User Notifications: A user does not receive User Notifications when there is a change to the user object. ‎(6 categories)
  6. Desktop: Agent receives an error while trying to make a consult call ‎(6 categories)
  7. Error dialog: Unable to retrieve not ready reason codes ‎(6 categories)
  8. Desktop: Agent receives Notification Service error while attempting to sign in ‎(6 categories)
  9. Error dialog: Unable to retrieve list of wrap-up reasons ‎(6 categories)
  10. Desktop: Unexpected failovers occur ‎(6 categories)
  11. Silent monitoring fails ‎(6 categories)
  12. Layout Presentation: Agent does not see the expected layout ‎(6 categories)
  13. Call Control: Call is dropped during CG failover ‎(6 categories)
  14. Call Control: Incoming call information is lost after signing out and signing back in ‎(6 categories)
  15. Layout Presentation: Desktop layout does not reflect User's new role ‎(6 categories)
  16. Administration: Cannot sign in to the Finesse Administration Console ‎(5 categories)
  17. Call Control: Reflecting state of a call that is ringing at the far end after Unified CCE failover ‎(5 categories)
  18. Administration: Tabs in the Administration Console do not load ‎(5 categories)
  19. Administration: Administration sign-in page does not load after fresh installation ‎(5 categories)
  20. Call Control: Cannot use phone to complete conference after initiating consult on desktop ‎(5 categories)
  21. Call Control: Re-route On No Answer (RONA) does not work with PG failover ‎(5 categories)
  22. Desktop: Client cannot resolve FQDN of Finesse server ‎(5 categories)
  23. Desktop: Client's system clock should be synchronized to the Finesse server system clock. ‎(5 categories)
  24. Desktop: Desktop shows two-party call when agent signs in while on a conference ‎(5 categories)
  25. Desktop: Agents experience problems signing in or desktop is slow to respond ‎(5 categories)
  26. Desktop: Cannot determine if DTMF is sent successfully ‎(5 categories)
  27. Desktop: Agent cannot sign in ‎(5 categories)
  28. Desktop: Agent sign in fails after installation ‎(5 categories)
  29. Desktop: Issues with transfer and conference via route point when CVP is used for queuing ‎(5 categories)
  30. Call Control: Reflecting Offhook state of the agent device prior to login ‎(5 categories)
  31. Desktop: Incomplete participant list after conference or transfer via route point when CVP is used for queuing ‎(5 categories)
  32. Call Control: Reflecting a call made to an unmonitored line prior to login ‎(5 categories)
  33. Administration: Cannot add or edit data in the Administration Console ‎(5 categories)
  34. Client Error: Client requests constantly result in 503 Service Unavailable Error ‎(5 categories)
  35. Desktop: Security exception displayed twice when signing in to Finesse Desktop for first time using Firefox ‎(4 categories)
  36. Call Control: Reflecting "Offhook" state of the agent device prior to login ‎(4 categories)
  37. Workflows: Workflow trigger and conditions did not evaluate to true for the call ‎(4 categories)
  38. Desktop: Agent cannot change state to Not Ready with reason code or Sign Out with reason code if reason codes are configured ‎(4 categories)
  39. Call Control: Held call becomes active when the other participant signs in ‎(4 categories)
  40. Desktop: Cannot accept security certificates ‎(4 categories)
  41. Troubleshooting Packaged CCE ‎(4 categories)
  42. Desktop: Supervisor barge in to conference call fails ‎(4 categories)
  43. Workflows: Wrong call triggers workflow after failover, refresh, or sign in with existing calls ‎(4 categories)
  44. Third-party gadgets: Gadgets do not render ‎(4 categories)
  45. CLI: CLI command utils dbreplication status all does not include Finesse tables ‎(4 categories)
  46. Workflows: User is connected to secondary server and DB replication is down ‎(4 categories)
  47. Administration: CLI command utils dbreplication status all does not include Finesse tables ‎(4 categories)
  48. Desktop: Cannot see skill group statistics for agents in various states ‎(4 categories)
  49. Workflows: Analyzing client logs ‎(4 categories)
  50. Desktop: Agents and supervisors with IDs that match reserved words cannot sign in ‎(4 categories)

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