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Linksys Wired Router Forum
Cisco Community Feeds

SocialMiner can capture forum posts using RSS subscriptions from most forum sites. In many cases, the feed subscriptions are hidden from view until you create an account on that forum. For example, this approach is used on the Linksys support forums that you can find via Once you log in, you will see "subscribe to RSS Feed" under the board options menu. In this case, the RSS feed is not authenticated therefore it's a public feed that anyone could subscribe too, even without an account, therefore you can configure SocialMiner to capture it as an RSS feed (no authentication is required). It is relatively common to have public, yet hidden feeds on forum sites.

The simplest way to add an RSS feed is to use the Feed Bookmarklet. Bookmarklets are "smart bookmarks" that include JavaScript. Creating a feed using the Feed Bookmarklet is a one-click method for adding feeds to SocialMiner and eliminates the need to complete fields on the Add Feed form and to copy/paste the URL. Look in the User Guide for information on using the Feed Bookmarklet.

If you choose not to use the Feed Bookmarklet, here is the Feed URL for the Wired Routers board on the Linksys Forum:

You could paste this URL directly into the SocialMiner RSS Feed setup to capture posts on the Linksys wired routers forum.

Many forum sites support a selection of different subscriptions. They may allow you to subscribe by topic/board, by tag, by keyword, etc. Some forums also support subscriptions to "unanswered posts". This type of feed, used in combination with the "min age" setting on SocialMiner can allow you do create SocialMiner campaigns that only captures "posts that go unanswered for 24 hours". This would be a useful campaign for a community manager that doesn't have time to monitor all posts; however wants to be sure that unanswered posts get addressed.

See the Cisco community site for an example of a forum site that offers a number of different subscriptions.


  • Some forums don't support RSS however you can usually find a workaround. One approach is to receive notifications via email and then have those emails sent to a Gmail Account. You can then use the SocialMiner Authenticated RSS to subscribe to the Gmail account. More information is here: Gmail

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