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The SocialMiner Facebook Fan Page Feed allows you to capture wall posts and comments for any Facebook fan page. Since these pages are public, you don't have to be an administrator to capture the posts on these pages. This means that you have the option of monitoring posts on the pages you administer as well as any other Facebook Fan Page.

There is no keyword filtering for Facebook pages; however most Facebook pages have a reasonably low volume and most often it is the stated objective for the marketing team to review at every single post on their Facebook page.


  • SocialMiner expects/requires that you paste the "Vanity URL" for the Facebook page. If you log into Facebook and search to find a page, the resulting URL will not typically be the vanity URL. For example, you may get this URL: whereas the vanity URL for the Cisco page is You will need to clean up the URL to be the base vanity URL before pasting into the SocialMiner Facebook Fan Page Feed configuration.
  • You may encounter some pages that do not have a Vanity URL. This is uncommon for business pages as registering for a Vanity URL on Facebook is straightfoward/recommended. If you do find a page that has a number then you can enter the number. For example, the Cisco facebook page ID is 10084673031. This can be found entering the following URL in your browser: SocialMiner will accept the number instead of the name in cases where there is no registered Vanity URL.

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