Silent Monitoring - Supervisor fails to initiate Silent Monitoring on a talking agent due to BIB not enabled on monitored phone

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Problem Summary In Cisco Finesse Desktop, when a supervisor tries to initiate Silent Monitoring on an agent who is in TALKING state, the recording fails.
Error Message

The following error message is displayed on the supervisor's Cisco Finesse Desktop:

Failed to start recording. Built-in Bridge not enabled.
Possible Cause The Built-in Bridge (BIB) on the agent's phone is not enabled which causes the recording to fail.
Recommended Action

From Cisco Unified Communications Manager, enable the Built-in Bridge on the agent's phone.

If the agent's phone does not have BIB capability, provision a phone model (Cisco IP Phone 7600 series or later) having the BIB capability for the agent and enable it.

Release Release 10.0(1)
Associated CDETS # N/A

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