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There are a number of terms, titles and topics used in the day-to-day use and management of the Cisco ServiceGrid. The following table defines these with their specific to ServiceGrid definitions:

  • information regarding a specific module
  • an entire components of the application
  • a release note
An ecosystem consists of 2 or more service partners collaborating and managing service cases.
Mobile Mobile is an optional application module that provides service desk, support, service managers or field technicians using smart phones or tablet PCs instant access to service case assignments, status, updates and reports.
Portal The ServiceGrid Portal is an optional component that provides customers and their service partners with a web interface for managing service cases.
User Types

Depending on the credentials of the user, three different types of users are supported:

  • read only - limited read and write access
  • basic - full read and write access to their own tickets and data as assigned by the administrator
  • full acces - full read and write access to all data within their company account

Workflows are the basic method to manage service cases. Each workflow consist of:

  • status codes
  • actions
  • code tables
  • setups (optional)

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