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The Workflow Connection Article supports three functions:

  • Design
  • Customization
  • Monitoring



Symbol collaborationmap.gif Collaboration Maps - Use Cases of Service Partner Integration
Symbol workflowpattern.gif Workflow Patterns - How Workflows are mapped and connected
Symbol transaction pattern.gif Transaction Patterns - Transactions and data fields
Symbol syntax.gif Syntax - XML name spaces and other options
Symbol transport protocol.gif Transport Protocols - How transaction records are transported
Symbol network layer.gif Network Layer - Internet Protocol and Encryption


Symbol basic data.gif
Basic Data for Workflow Connections - Basic data needed for Workflow Connections
Symbol workflow.gif
Workflow - How to create workflows
Symbol messagerules.gif
MessageRules - How to Customize Message Rules and Triggers
Symbol xslt.gif
XSL Templates - Using XSLT for Inbound or Outbound Transformations


Symbol monitoring calls.gif
Monitoring Calls and Messages - Tracking calls and messages using the online interface
Symbol using cockpit.gif
Using Cockpit - Navigate and browse through your KPI reports

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