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SD.dialog adds the wiki functionality to Cisco ServiceGrid. The wiki pages are available both in the SD.dialog module or directly linked with a call to specific data elements such as Devices, Locations, ContractElements, and so on.

The SD.dialog module includes main functions for users and administrators.


The user should have access to the SD.dialog module to view the wikispaces that have been shared by other partners. All wikispaces that are available to a specific company will be displayed.


To log in to the wikispace, click the QuickLogin arrow. The page opens in a new browser window.


After the wikispace is opened in a new browser window, the user can navigate through the wiki pages using the links provided in the wikispace. A searchbox is also available on the right side.


The administrators can manage the wikispaces that the company is licensed with and can link the wiki pages to a number of data elements that are referred to in the call in order to display these pages in calls using the referred data.


A WikiSpace represents a logical area within the Wiki. A Company owning the Product SD.dialog can create and maintain no or one or more WikiSpaces. Within a WikiSpace, the WikiPages containing the content are created. A WikiSpace belongs to one company. Different WikiSpaces can be shared with other companies in different ways. For example, one WikiSpace for internal use, one for public use and one which is shared between two companies.


A call usally has more references to SD data entities than just one. Every call contains reference to the ContractElement. However, the location and a device may be referred in the call as well.

All of the above may be linked within a specific wiki page. By clicking on the Wiki button in the right frame of the CallDetail, all linked wiki pages will be available to the user. However, only one of them can be shown by default, and the rest will be presented as links at the bottom.


NOTE: The second entry under Location links to the contract information.

If there are multiple wiki pages available for a call, the order of the links can be set up by the WikiSignificance.The order of relevance is set only once per company.

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