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SD.survey is the customer satisfaction survey module of the Cisco ServiceGrid platform providing functions and features to perform customer satisfaction surveys. SD.survey is fully integrated into the Cisco ServiceGrid application. Call based surveys can be planned and executed using service call history data for selecting the target audience. Surveys can be performed through automatic email or by phone calls.

The SD.survey is provided as three tabs:

  • Setup - The Setup table provides all functions for managed surveys and creating new surveys. In addition, survey groups, mail templates, user selection setups and reports setups are also managed.
  • Survey - The Survey tab is the working area of the survey agents. It provides functions to check the active and past surveys. Additional surveys can be resent to the users. When conducting a telephone survey, the survey agent enters the interview results.
  • Report - The Report tab enables the user to see the results of surveys.

Based on how a survey is distinguished, two methods of responses are provided in the SD.survey module:

  • Participation through web form: The user participating in the survey provides the answers using the online survey form.
  • Participation through telephone: The survey agent calls the end user and provides the response using the SD.survey module.

Participation in the survey using web form

The user who participates in the survey enters the response using the online survey form that the user is provided with. The user can access the online survey form by click the link in the email sent to the user. This link is supported by the QuickLog number function which enables the user to access the form without the need for login.

After the user enters and saves the details, the results will be sent to the SD.survery module. The user should enter the mandatory fields for the form to get saved. The email content sent to the user, the survey form with all the relevant questions, and the Thank you page for participating users can be customized as per the requirements.

Participation in the survey through telephone

In this method, the survey agent will call the end user and enters the survey result through the SD.survey module.

To enter the survey result in the SD.survey module, follow these steps:

Step 1: Select a survey in the Survey tab available in SD.survey page.

Step 2: Select the user participated inthe survey from the user list.

Step 3: Select the Answer for this survey person function to enter the survey result for the selected user.

Step 4: Click the Save button to save the information.

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