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Overview is the main module of the Cisco ServiceGrid platform as it contains all service management functions to create, edit, and list calls. Users of should know how to track calls, how to open a new call, and how to update or close a call. The module includes the main functions for creating a new ticket, displaying calls using call tracking, updating or editing calls, and escalating calls to different queues or technicians. will also provide call data to the reporting modules SD.cockpit and The Overview function provides quick access to different call tracking lists or setup lists with a single click and can be activated and deactivated for each permission group differently. The Overview function can be switched on or off for single permission groups. provides the following functionalities:

  • Open New Call
  • Update Call
  • Sending Emails
  • Sending Text Messages
  • Tracking Calls
  • Tracking Activities
  • Tracking Messages
  • Dispatching Technicians

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