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With the tab “Calls”, the user works with CallTracking lists. “Calls” is also the main working area of the helpdesk agent. Users manage their calls and select the calls they want to work on. The available lists are fully customizable and can be filtered by using different criteria. 


  • Display all calls within a defined time period (this week, today …).
  • Display all calls defined as Incident, Problem or Change.
  • Display all calls with a particular status (open, close, in progress, solved …).
  • Display all calls sorted with certain selected characteristics (all level 2 calls, all my calls, all calls of customer …).
  • Display calls with or without history attached to it.
  • Display parent / child and master / slave calls.

Functions inside the “Calls” tab:

  • View lists
  • Change Lists: Change to other lists
  • Use filters: to narrow list results in tree / list / graphic view
  • Select, view and edit calls
  • Download call lists

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