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Activities are the record set of a call containing information about working and traveling times, distances, and activity types that have been assigned to a call using the activity function. User who handles the call can create the activities and will document the planned and/or fulfilled effort during the work on service requests. Activities can also be used to invoice customers for the provided services.

The Activity function inside the module lists all activity records based on the selected list setup.The setups can be widely customized based on the customer needs. These lists can be sorted using vairous criteria such as customer, provider, activity type, timestamp or datestamp, and so on.

Cisco ServiceGrid provides the following standard list setups:

List setup
Distance View
Displays all distances of a call
Standard View
Displays the main values of an activity in a list form
Status View
Displays the status of an activity
Sum All
Adds all distances and working and traveling times together and groups them into years
Sum Distance
Adds all distances and groups them into years

To customize additional lists, choose BasicData > MyCompany > Select the Company > Setups > Activities > SD.CallActivities

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