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The solutions data are referred to one company only. Solutions are directly referred to the company and are available to all organizations of the company which have access to the solutions database (SD.solution). The data of every solution record is structured into three parts.

  • Unstructured data: Unstructured data are information, which cannot be categories such as problem description, diagnosis ("the reason"), solution (internal, external).
  • Structured data: Structured data helps to categorize solutions. These categories can be used to search the solution database and to narrow the search results. (ProblemType, FailureType, Manufacturer, Type, Category1-5, ...).
  • Administrative data: Administrative data help to manage solutions. For example, "weight" is used to indicate the importance of a solution, every time a solution gets selected the weight is increased by one.


Primary Key: The primary (unique) key is defined with the combination of ShortName and Company (short name of the company).

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