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With SD.Survey fully integrated into the ServiceGrid platform, call based surveys can be created and executed easily.

Surveys are planned and created by the survey manager defining the questions, answer types and target audience. The target audience is selected from the end user community, defined by service and service call history. The survey agent monitors the ongoing survey, having the option to resend survey forms to end users or to collect answers through phone interviews.

The survey status and result is reported to the management using customizable reports.


SD.Survey Use Cases


  • Measure and evaluate the service quality of your service organization.
  • Initiate fully automated survey process.
  • Execute different surveys for different target groups.
  • Plan and execute customer satifaction survey per phone.
  • Plan and execute customer satifaction survey per mail.
  • Automatic selection of target audience based on service call history.
  • Automatic selection of target audience based on service and SLA.
  • Publish specific or general reports to the management.

Workflow Users

  • Perform live monitoring of all ongoing surveys.
  • Document phone interviews.

SD.Survey Functions

Functions for users - SD Survey Usage

  • Check state of running and passed surveys.
  • Resend survey forms to users.
  • Collect values of a telephone survey.

Functions for administrators - SD Survey Setup

  • Create new surveys.
  • Create new survey groups to group surveys.
  • Create questions and answers for surveys.
  • Define mail templates for the layout and content of the email sent to the respondents.
  • Define user selection setups participating on a survey.
  • Create report setups of the surveys.
  • Manage existing surveys, questions and answers.

SD.Survey  - Important Features

  • The data and information used in SD.Survey is directly taken from the ServiceGrid platform.
  • End users who should be surveyed, are selected through customizable call list setups from the service call data in the ServiceGrid database. A number of flexible filter and selection criteria are used to define the exact target audience and participants of a survey.
  • The survey data, including questions, answers, survey forms, report setups, user selection lists and results is customized inside the SD.survey module.
  • The Reports function is used to display the result of each survey. Depending on the defined setups the reports can appear as lists or graphics.
  • The “SD.Survey” module is also integrated into two modules of the ServiceGrid application: SD.Call data is used to select the target persons.
  • SD.Cockpit is used to generate and publish survey reports.

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