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SD.Mobile is the application for field technicians using PDAs. SD.Mobile provides mobile access to the ServiceGrid platform. Mobile devices such as PDAs can be used for call handling on the travel.

Service calls are dispatched to the field technicians and can be received and updated on PDAs connected to the internet using a browser on the PDA. Similarly, the field technician can create new service calls using the direct access to ServiceGrid using the PDA and its browser.

Within SD.Mobile, the field technician can update the service call, add worktime, and spare parts data and access the customer SLA, location, and device details.

Call detail forms and call lists are flexible and can be cutomized to the requirements of the service process.


SD.Mobile Use Cases


  • Integrate the technician into the service process in real time.
  • Give the technician, access to their respective open calls including details about SLA, location, customer, device and so on.

Workflow User

  • Notify technicians automatically through SMS.
  • Notify technicians automatically through email including a "QuickLink" to the call.

Workflow User - technician

  • Collect work time and spare parts data from the technician on site in real time.
  • Open new service calls on site.

SD.Mobile Functions

Functions for users - Using Mobile Devices

  • Open new calls
  • Call update and close
  • Call tracking
  • Time recording
  • Collect parts used

Functions for administrators

  • Create and manage the workflow parameters
  • Customize call detail fields and options
  • Customize call list fields and options
  • Create and manage notification message rules

SD.Mobile  - Important Features

  • SD.Mobile uses a browser-based web interface with reduced screen layout and size to match the typical formats of PDA screens.
  • The “QuickLink” function is used to send a service call reference through email to the onsite technician. Using the “QuickLink” in the email, the call can be opened immediately.
  • The Call update sequence within SD.Mobile is controlled by the workflow and triggered by the selection of an action from an action list. The same method as in SD.Call is used.
  • The Call detail form contains the required data in the specific status of the workflow. Each action within a workflow may use another call detail form setup, to follow the needs of the user in the specific situation.
  • Data of spare parts used for the service can be collected within the call update function.
  • Additionally, service information like work time, travel time, or mileage/distance can be collected within the call update to guarantee a real time processing of all important service data.
  • Call open actions within SD.Mobile are performed by selecting the matching service agreement from a customizable list.
  • Call lists for SD.Mobile are used to view different selections of calls (e.g all open incidents, all closed calls, all problems, all pending releases, etc.). Call lists are customizable following the process requirements of the service organization and the different users within the organization. More than 800 call data fields are provided in the ServiceGrid database and they can be used in the list representation of calls.

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