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SD.inventory is the Configuration Management Database (CMDB) for the administration of installed components (hardware, software and documents) combined with locations, service levels and users.

SD.inventory Use Cases


  • Create and update the Manufacturer and DeviceType data
  • Create and update the Device data
  • Create and update the Location data
  • Create and update the relations between Contracts, Servicelevels and Devices

Workflow User

  • Select, search and list Manufacturers and DeviceTypes
  • Select, search and list Devices
  • Select, search and list Locations

SD.inventory Functions

Functions for users (SD.inventory Usage)

  • Select, search and list Manufacturers, drill down into the Manufacturers master data
  • Select, search and list DeviceTypes data
  • Select, search and list Device data, drill down into the Device master data
  • Select, search and list Location data, drill down into the Location master data

Functions for administrators (SD.inventory Devices, Devicetypes and Manufacturers Setup)

  • Create and update Manufacturers
  • Create and update DeviceTypes
  • Create and update Devices
  • Create and update Locations

SD.inventory - Important Features

  • SD.inventory data consists of 4 main data objects: Devices, DeviceTypes, Manufacturers and Locations.
  • Devices (hardware, software, documents) have a unique ID that are assigned to exactly one location. Each device is also assigned to a device type which is again assigned to exactly one manufacturer.
  • Devices may be related to each other as sub- or root-devices. This relationship can be displayed as graphical device map.
  • Locations can be related to each other as parent location, providing a hierarchical order of locations.
  • Each devices and locations have a number of standard data fields and additionally the option to extend the table structure with up to 128 more fields.
  • Updates of Devices and Locations are completely logged in a history log file.
  • Devices, Locations, DeviceTypes and Manufacturers can be created and updated via the web interface or using upload and download functions.
  • SD.inventory data is integrated in If required, Locations and/or Devices are assigned to a service call.

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