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SD.BasicData is the configuration module used to administer all customer specific settings and data.


SD.BasicData Use Cases

Workflow User

  • Lookup Organization data (Organizations, Queues)
  • Lookup User data
  • Lookup Contracts, ContractElements


  • Manage the organizational structure of the company and its organizations.
  • Manage the user permissions and user data.
  • Manage the contract and service level data and parameters.
  • Manage list and detail form setups.
  • Manage notification MessageRules and Templates.

Workflow Builder

Manage the workflow using Status and Action parameters.

SD.BasicData Functions

Functions for users - SD.BasicData Usage Functions for administrators
Select, search and list Queue data Create and update Permissions
Select, search and list Organization data Create and update User data
Select, search and list User data Create and update Organizations and Queues
Select, search and list Contract data Create and update Contracts
Select, search and list ContractElement data Create and update MessageRules
Select, search and list ServiceItem data Create and update list and detail setups
List MessageRules Create and update Templates
List MyProviders Organizations Create and update workflow Status and Actions
List MyCustomers Organizations

SD.BasicData important Features

  • The SD.BasicData module includes the list and detail setup functions used by the administrator to customize lists and detail forms for all other modules (, SD.inventory, SD.dispatch, SD.cockpit).
  • The SD.BasicData module includes the MessageRules functions used by the administrator to create and manage message (notification) rules for automatic email, sms or fax notifications from the service call workflow.
  • The SD.BasicData module includes the administration functions for workflows, used by the administrator to create and manage the workflows for the different service processes. The workflow consist of status and actions. Actions are again assigned to call detail forms. This easy to use method allows the creation of customer specific workflows to support typical service processes like incident management, problem management, change management, release management and others.
  • The SD.BasicData module includes all functions for managing the permissions for users in terms of module permissions and data permissions (membership in organisations).
  • The SD.BasicData module includes the XSLT template editor which is used by the administrator to create and manage templates used by the message rules for sending notifications by email, sms or fax.

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