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Alias Login Users

An Administrator has the capability to define an Alias User Login list for each user in the system who has the credentials to login. If such a list is defined for a user, the user should be able to switch the user login without entering the password.

Define the Alias User Login List

Aliasuserlogin userdetail-16071735-300px.png

When an Administrator selects a user from the User list, the user gets login permissions when Permissiongroup - No Login and IsActive is true. A new menu entry appearing on the left hand side menu table lets the Administrator to add or remove persons from the alias user login list of the selected user.

Enable the Alias User Login List

When an Administrator defines an Alias User Login list for a user, the user is able to use the list. To do this, Login As Setup should be defined for the user in his user detail settings.

Aliasuserlogin userdetail edit-16073602-300px.png

If such a setup is defined and a user logs in, a new icon appears at the top of the window as follows:

Aliasuserlogin newicon-16074023.png

Clicking the icon displays a user list with all enabled alias users. Clicking one of the users, will perform a login as for the user.

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