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A user has the permission to the group but not to the Topgroup where the NewCall is located. This problem most likely occurs because the check for a 'XXX'-permission (in this case, New Call) returns false when executed from the portal.

To assign the user a permission to Topgroup, follow these steps:

Step 1: Enter the setup mode in the portal Wrench.gif (the wrench in the top-left corner).
Step 2: Right-click the portalgroup with the New Call in it and continue with the following steps:

            Step 1: Click Edit.

            Step 2: Click the Permissions tab. Your current role will be among the Roles assigned.

            Step 3: Click the eye icon Eye.png  (Read only) next to your current role to change it to pencil icon Pencil.png (Read/Write).

You should now be able to access pages and perform actions in the classic application that requires 'XXX' access.

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