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Cisco ServiceGrid notes are attached as a text object to the call. Each call may contain unlimited number of notes. Each note has an editor, a timestamp, and the optional attributes Type and Private or Public.

All users with read permissions to the call can access the notes. Write permissions to create new notes can be set through the Notes field in the call detail form. Notes are independent from the workflow, but are stored with the call data object.

Notes are used to store addtional information about the service case without changing the status or any other data of the call. Notes are used for exchanging information, remarks, and hints between different users working on the service case.

Adding a Note to a case doesn't update the call. No message triggers get fired. The only exception are "When note created by"-triggers. No other data of the call can be updated. If you need to update different data use the subcall-function in the inbound-template to split these.

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