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Creating a new message Trigger

To create a new message trigger, go to SD.basicdata > MessageRules > All Triggers > Create a new message trigger.


Company, CallSystem and TriggerType data

Enter the Company, CallSystem and the TriggerType

  1. For TriggerType select Wait for Inbound from the drop-down list
  2. Click Next to enter the master data
  3. A trigger must always be linked to a Company and a CallSystem. These values can be selected in the first two selection fields. The example below shows the creation of the update calls of the CallSystem Incident   in the Company DemoSD3.


Trigger master data

  1. ShortName - like in Communciation this field is limited to 12 characters and must be unique within the company. The example below shows it as SGdCoreInbTr
  2. Name - a more detailed description of the Trigger, and limited to 50 characters. The example below shows it as Setup Guide Core Callservice Inbound Trigger.
  3. Click Save to save the trigger.


Linking the Communication to the Trigger

After the Trigger is created, it has to be linked to the Communication by calling the function Add existing inbound communication:


Selecting a created Communication

Search for the created Communication and click on the ShortName.


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