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This document describes the mail inbox for Messages.

Updating a Call through an Inbound Message

At the moment, it is only manually possible to create a new call according to an inbound message. A user can also attach a message to an existing call by clicking on a link. User selects a message from the message list.


If the user has the permission to update calls and if the message is in the Active state and is not linked to a call yet, a new TopFunction Update Call is available.


After clicking on the Update Call link, the CallList appears. At this point, the user has two options on how to continue. The user either selects a message from the list and updates the call or creates a new call just as creating a new call from the previous view.


When the subject of the selected message contains the pattern [CFRxxx], where xxx stands for a Call ID, the list is prefiltered with the Call ID.


After the selection of the call, the user can enter the desired call action. This list of call actions is filtered, and only available and valid actions are presented to the user.


If a user selects an action that has autosave enabled, returns to the message list. Otherwise, the user is being forwarded to the Call Detail view. Without changing any fields, the system would insert the subject and the body of the message into the Remarks field and when saving the changes, the system appends the message and all attachments to the actual call history item.


Defining Default Setup to be loaded for the Call List

The Setup of the Call List is customizable and can be defined at the MessageList setup master data at SD.basicdata > MyCompany > [Company] > Setups > Messages > MessageList > [MessageList] > Change the setup master data.


In the detail view, the user can select one of its Call Setups. This setup is then used and displayed by default when the user clicks on Update Call.


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