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This article gives the information about WikiSpace.

What is a WikiSpace?

A WikiSpace represents a logical area within the Wiki. A company owning the product SD.dialog can create and maintain zero, one, or more WikiSpaces. Within a WikiSpace, the WikiPages containing the content are created.

  • A Wikispace belongs to one company.
  • A company may have zero, one, or more of Wikispaces.

Different WikiSpaces can be shared with other companies in different ways.

The following are the examples of wikispace usage:

  • one WikiSpace for internal use,
  • one for public use,
  • one which is shared between two companies.

How to manage a Wikispace?

You can see a list of all WikiSpaces owned by your company or shared with your company at the following location:

SD.dialog / WikiSpaces

Sd dialog wikispaces list-11124226-800px.png

For the detailed view of a specific WikiSpace, click on the corresponding ShortName. Here, all administrative tasks can be performed according to the chosen WikiSpace.

  • Set permissions for this WikiSpace. (For more information, refer to the SD.Dialog Permissions document.)
  • Share WikiSpace with other companies.
  • Link WikiPages of this WikiSpace with SD Content. (For more information, refer to the SD.Dialog Link WikiPage to SD document.)

Sd dialog wikispace detail-11124205-800px.png

How to share a WikiSpace with another Company?

To share a WikiSpace with another Company, follow these steps:

Step 1: Choose a WikiSpace from the drop-down list at SD.Dialog > WikSpaces
Step 2: At the detailed view, click on the menu entry BPartners in the left navigation tree. The content frame displays a list of all companies this WikiSpace has shared with. If the List is empty, it means that the WikiSpace is not shared with any company.

Sd dialog wikispace detail share-11132232-800px.png

NOTE: Using the Top function Assign BPartners to WikiSpace allows the user to change the sharings.

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