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  • The call provides a lot of data. Several of these values can be linked to pages in the wiki.
  • With the significance sequence, you are able to tell the system which values are most relevant.
  • This order of relevance is set only once per company. It can only be given by companies using SD.dialog.


You can edit the significance at the following location:

SD.dialog / WikiSignificance

To change the significance values, follow these steps:

Step 1: Click Change master data.


  • The significance is given as a numerical value. The most significant entity is the one with the highest value.
  • If an entity has no significance number, no wiki pages connected to this entity's value in the call will be searched for.
  • At least one entity should be given a number. If no significance is set, no wiki search will be possible.

Step 2: Click Save, to finish the setting of your significance.

Related Issues

For the wiki page search in the call detail to function, you have to link wiki pages to entity values.

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