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Wiki Page Search

A complex search mechanism looks for all pages relevant for a certain call. All relevant wiki spaces, company owned and shared, are searched. SD entities, like devices and contracts, are considered according to the company's significance settings. Only pages that are linked to SD entities are found.


You can access the wiki page search from the call detail only: / calls / [selected call] 

To start the search, click on the tab named Wiki.


Search Mechanism

The search mechanism considers:

  • logged user, initiating the call with their root company
  • call that is shown in the call detail with its provider and customer company
  • wiki spaces owned and shared with all involved companies
  • significance links "call value <-> wiki page"

Rules for Significance

  • significance of logged user's root company
  • if none yet: significance of the calls' provider or customer company

    take the company of the role the user is logged in as

if none: significance of the calls' provider or customer company take the company of the role the user is not logged in as

Rules for Wiki Spaces provider side only search for this side if the provider company belongs to the possible partners of the logged user consider all owned wiki spaces of the provider company only consider a wiki space, if the user's root company has access to this wiki space the root company has to be the provider or the wiki space has to be shared to the root company

the user has to have at least read permission for each wiki space looks for the user's permission if none, looks for the user's permission group's permission if none, uses default permission

customer side similar to provider side provider customer belongs to possible partners owned wiki spaces of the customer company if accessible by user's root company read permission of user

Actual search in order of significance (eg: device first, then location) takes values of the call (eg: device id) looks for links between this entity value and a wiki page most relevant page is shown with its content lesser relevant pages are shown as links in order of significance Setup of Call Detail The setup of the wiki tab / magic button is done in: BasicData/MyCompany/[company]/Setups/CallSystems/[callsystem]/CallSetups/CallDetail/[detailsetup]/Change the setup master data

You must activate the checkbox "Magic Tab".

It is also possible to define "Magic" as default. You can select it from the default-selectboxes. It will then be shown on the default page of the call detail. Furthermore, the tab has to be allowed for the relevant permission groups in:


You must set the "Magic" permission to "Display" for all permission groups that are allowed to use the wiki page search. For the wiki page search to work, you must link wiki pages to SD entity values. In addition, you must set the significance for your company and the permissions also.

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