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Link WikiPage to SD

To implement an effective search mechanism, it is necessary to link the created pages in the Wiki with the Cisco ServiceGrid content.

For more information, refer to the MagicButton document.

A synonym for a WikiPage is topic.

For information on entry for topic, refer to the glossary in the Dialog Wiki document.

What is a WikiPage?

A WikiPage is an article created within an existing Wikispace.

WikiPages can only be created in the Wiki.

A WikiSpace can contain 0 to n WikiPages.

For information on WikiPages belonging to a specific WikiSpace, go to:

SD.dialog / WikiSpaces / [selected wikispace] / "Link WikiPage to SD"

Wikilinkcontext clickl-16145458.png

SD entities

Users can link, following SD entities to a WikiPage:

  • Device
  • DeviceType
  • Location
  • ContractElement
  • Contract
  • Customer organization
  • Provider organization
  • Call state
  • Call system
  • Level
  • Extended fields

How to link a SD entity to WikiPage?

To link an SD to WikiPage, follow these steps:

Step 1: Select Wikispace.

Step 2: Click Link WikiPage to SD.

Step 3: Select WikiPage.

Wikilinkcontext selectwikipage-16145430.png

After choosing a WikiPage, the detailed information and a list of currently linked SD entities is displayed as below:

Wikilinkcontext detailwikipage-16145600.png

To create a new link between the selected WikiPage and an SD entity, several functions are provided as follows:

  • Add Device
  • Add DeviceType
  • Add Location
  • Add ContractElement
  • Add ServiceItem
  • Add Contract
  • Add CallState
  • Add CallSystem
  • Add BPOrganisation, service customer
  • Add BPOrganisation, service provider
  • Add Level
  • Add ExtTableValue

All funtions except ExtTableValue display a list of the corresponding entities where multiple entries can be selected or deselected as depicted below:

Wikilinkcontext selectentitymultilist-16145541.png

Adding ExtTableValues is shown below:

Wikilinkcontext selectentityexttablevalue-16145522.png

The Extended Fields 1 to 9 can be linked to a WikiPage. Hence, the field number has to be selected. 0 to n Extended Fields with the same field number can be linked to a WikiPage.

For a complete list of Cisco ServiceGrid Articles, go to the List of Articles page.

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