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The Cisco ServiceGrid platform provides upload/import and download/export functions to acces the ServiceGrid database. These functions can be performed manually or automatically using schedulers.

  • Manual upload and download functions are performed directly from the affected module such as call lists from, device lists from SG.inventory, user lists from BasicData, and so on.
  • SG.databroker combines the automatic upload and download functions at one single point of the platform.
  • SG.databroker also provides the log lists of all uploads and downloads that are completed.

NOTE: Automatic uploads and downloads need additional settings such as upload profiles that are set in the SG.databroker module.

An overview function can be activated or deactivated using the permission groups in order to access the functions or setup of a module.


The upload functions are used for the initial import of basic data, such as users, locations, devices, and so on, and for periodically synchronizing the data managed in other databases on a need basis.

Upload List

The upload list shows all manual and automatic uploads that are completed for the defined time period. The cross or check symbol at the beginning of each record indicates whether the upload is completed or not. The following actions can be performed within an upload list:

  • Click the Triangle symbol for receiving the upload details.
  • Click the cross or check symbol for canceling the running upload.

Upload Details

If a selected upload continues to progress, click the Refresh button to update the proviced log information. If you want to go back to the upload list page, click the Back to list link.

Field Names
Field Description
Unique ID of the upload
Name of the uploaded file
Indicates whether an upload is successful or unsuccessful or is still in progress
Shows the type of uploaded information
Time of the upload
Start time of the upload
End time of the upload
Shows the number of lines that are processed in the upload file
Total processed time
Shows the processed time of the upload. This value is fixed for a completed upload or incremental for an upload in progress
A flag specifying whether an Email should be sent after the upload is completed
User name who performed the upload
Size of the upload file
Planned time for processing the upload
Shows the no. of records that have been created, changed or unchanged

Upload Profiles

Upload Profiles are required for automatic uploads completed through Email. An upload profile contains all settings and the field mapping of the upload file. An automatic upload that fulfills the correct preconditions will use the upload profile for performing the upload. Automatic uploads will be performed only if a suitable upload profile exists; otherwise, the uploads will be trashed.


The download functions are used to provide data such as call data, location data, user data, device data, etc. to other applications or databases.

The download list shows all manual and automatic downloads that are completed. The cross or check symbol at the begining of each line indicates whether the upload is completed or not.

The following actions can be performed within a download list:

  • Click the Triangle symbol for receiving the download details.
  • Click the Add a scheduler button for performing a new download automatically and periodically.

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