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This option allows for maximum flexibility, but it is also the most complex method to implement.

To create a Parent-Child link, and to later update those Calls, the following setup is required:

  • At least one inbound communication and one outbound communication, if both Parent and Child are in the same CallSystem; or
  • Two inbound and outbound communications to link two tickets in two different CallSystems.


For the setup, first you need an outbound message trigger When Update By,or an alert trigger or any other type. ''''Example:' Create Child Outbound.

Next, ask' to create the outbound communications with type "INT-Internal message". Only ServiceGrid can create them. Give the Company Shortname and the Shortname and Name of the communications. Example': We use the following name Create Child Outbound Comm.

These Outbound communications have a numeric id. Write that down. Example: 234567890.

We recommend to set up the trigger in a way that prevents endless loops of new ticket being generated. An "intermediary" status code works best.Example: Child Pending.

For inbound, we need a Wait for Inbound trigger as well as a communication with the type "INT-Internal message". As sender, we enter the id of the sending outbound communication. Example: Create Child Inbound.

We need two inbound communications, as the parent needs to be updated as well. Example: Update Parent Inbound.

Based on the above examples,  when a Call enters the status Child Pending, the trigger "sends" a message from Create Child Outbound Comm to Create Child Inbound AND to Update Parent Inbound.Using the XSLT provided above, this will create a new ticket, adding the first ticket's SDCALLID as the Parent SDCALLID to the second, new one. However, to fully link the two tickets together, the second inbound communication comes into effect.

If you look at the lower part of the example XSLT, you can find a section that updates the Parent ticket at the same time as the newly created Child ticket. Only then, two Callsare linked.

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