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This option needs the least amount of customizing, but cannot be bound to a specific CallAction.In the right frame of the CallDetail, there is a ParentChild button. When clicking this, the view below will be loaded.

Parent Child.png

Note that this view can be customized to your specific needs (in this case, the SetupName is "Problem"). With the buttons "New Parent" and "New Child", you can create a new call from any CallSystem, with any method (For example, NewCall by Location or NewCall by Request). This takes you to the default CallOpen Detail setups that have been customized before.

Alternatively, you may assign one Parent or as many children as you want. When clicking the buttons Assign Parent or Assign Child, it will take you to a CallList. You can select any of the Calls from that list, change the filter criteria or even the Call List setup as usual.

How to Customize?

In your Company, you must select the appropriate CallDetail. If using only this option, the best option would be the default setup for that callsystem. Under "Change the setup master data", there are several options available:

Parent Child01.png

In this page, you must check the ParentChildTab in the Right Frame section:

Parent Child02.png

On the left side, under Misc., there are a few more options:

Parent Child03.png

The CallParentChildSetup has a significant importance. Here you can select any setup that has been provided in the Call (ParentChild-List section of the particular callsystem).


Parent Child04.png

In the above example, it is not possible to create or assign parents except children (as you can see the corresponding checkboxes are unmarked). That also means that while the AssignParentSetup and the ParentCreateCallFunctions are filled, this has no impact on the functionality. These settings are simply ignored.

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