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In earlier versions, you cannot download and upload a whole tenant. Only Setups and CallSystems can be exported and imported. To copy entire tenants from one platform to another and to provide template tenants as a basis for new customers, the Copy Tenant feature implemented.

How does it work?

Starting with this release, most data belonging to a company can be downloaded using the Download company link in SD.basicdata / MyCompany / [Company].


You will be redirected to the download page, where you can select the data you want to include in the download.


 An XML file is generated, containing the selected data. If you click on the Upload XML link and select a valid XML file to upload. the data is inserted.


NOTE: Currently, the upload works in an Insert-Only mode, where everything is inserted automatically. No existing data is updated.


Objects are mapped correctly to the objects they refer to, provided that both objects are uploaded from the same XML file. If, for example, one setup refers to a CallState through a DefaultValue field, the DefaultValue will be mapped correctly if the CallState is uploaded as well. If one value refers to an object which was excluded from the upload, it will not be mapped.

Additional Remarks

This feature is only visible for SuperUsers, and will be extended in the future, as the missing parts of a tenant will be added.

Add default values to XML up/download

From this release, when downloading and uploading setups and callsystems XML files, default values are downloaded and when uploaded again and correctly mapped to the objects they refer to. In addition, setups and callsystems can be downloaded in a single XML file.


Earlier, default values were excluded from upload and download.When downloading callsystems to XML files, some data had been missing. From this release, the missing data is also downloaded. Previously, setups that are connected to callsystems (e.g. call detail setups) could  not be copied to another platform. Therefore, the connection between setups and callsystems would be lost.

How does it work?

When selecting setups in BasicData/MyCompany, two top functions will be available: Download Setups & Callsystems and Upload XML (Upload for Setups and Callsystems).

Additional Remarks

The upload feature is only visible for superusers.

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