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Contract describes the relationship between one service customer and one service provider. Contract allows to organizations to work together. Contracts define only the relationship between two organizations and can hold contract elements and service items (services). Contract elements and service items hold the information about the provided services between those two organizations.

  • A contract may or may not include inventory.
  • A contract may contain one or more contract elements.
  • Calls are uniquely related to one specific contract (contract element).

A contract only defines the relationship between two organizations. Contracts hold information about the provided service through assigned contract elements and service items. But do not hold any service information in the contract data object. Only a reference to the provided services (the assigned contract elements) is provided.


Primary Key The primary key is the contract short name, the customer shortname and the provider short name.
Mandatory Fields To create a contract at least the fields ShortName, Customer (short name of the customer company), CustOrg (short name of the customer organization) and ProvOrg (short name of the provider organization) are required to be filled out.

Contract Fields

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