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The values of the multi selection box in the permissions group administration reflect these max permissions.
Some checkboxes will only show Read and Hide or only Hide.

SD.basicdata / MyCompany / [Company] / +Permissions / Menus and Permissions
SD.basicdata / Users / [User] Password and Permissions / View menu permissions / Change menu permissions

There are some violations of these new rules. Together with the activation of the locking mechanism, a script will remove the setting that causes these violations.
We recommend to resolve these conflicts manually.

For admin users, two new flags have been added as follows:

  • Workflow Builder
  • Bridge Builder

For administration of these flags, refer to the Workflowbuilder and Bridge Builder in the SD ReleaseNotes V5.5 document.

Only users of the permission group ADM (Administrator) can have these flags.

Only users who are Bridge Builder and Workflow Builder can edit inbound message triggers and inbound communications.

SD.basicdata / MyCompany / MessageRules

Other users may still view these areas.

Only users who are Workflow Builder can edit workflows.

SD.basicdata / MyCompany / [Company] / +Setups / +CallSystems/ [CallSystem] / Workflow

Other users may still view these areas.


  • Download and Upload functions are limited to licensed numbers.
  • The Download is limited through the number of individual email addresses as receivers of schedulers.
  • Uploads without sender information cannot be used for automatic uploads.

For detailed information on the administration of senders, refer to Uploadprofile in the SD ReleaseNotes V5.5 document.

The automatic upload is limited through the number of individual email addresses as senders of upload profiles.

External Connections

B2B Connections and Service Connections are limited through the number of possible (callsystem) mappings. When creating a PossibleCallSystemMapping or setting an inactive mapping as active, check whether the licensed number has been reached. If yes, the new PossibleCallSystemMapping will not be created or the PossibleCallSystemMapping cannot be set active.

For more information, refer to the PossibleCallSystemMappings in the SD ReleaseNotes V5.5 document.

Inbound Connections are limited through the number of individual senders of inbound triggers.

For more information, refer to the Inbound Connection in the SD ReleaseNotes V5.5 document.
The number of unused connections is shown when a new trigger is created. It is also shown in the masterdata of an existing trigger.

Senders cannot be added to the communication on this trigger type if the total number of licenses has reached.
Other Blocks
The number of workflows that can be used is limited. The total number of callsystems that are attached to an active organisation may not be higher than the value set in the licence.

Example Block in Action



Limit length of SMS


If you send SMS which is longer than 160 characters, more than one SMS will be sent by the SMS provider. If you use the same template for sending emails and SMS, it might occur that the message is much longer than 160 characters.

To avoid this, you can configure the maximum length of the message in the communication record in the messagerule administration.


Hide filterpanel

A new functionality has been added to all lists. If you need more space on the screen for displaying the date of the list you can hide the filter panel above the list with one click.

After clicking the hide button the filter panel will be faded out and the summary of the filter values will be displayed.

This behavior can be customized in the setup. If the filter panel need not be displayed by default, check the flag HideFilterPanel in the master data of the setup.

Error Pages

With this release, the design and the content of the error pages for the HTTP error codes 401, 403, 404, 500 and 503 are changed. The following image shows the 404-error page as an example for the new design:

Snapshot 404 error page-22114815.png

In case of an internal error, a 500-error page containing an error id will appear. This id is very important for us because it helps us in finding the reason for the error.


New Popup calendar

With this release, a new popup calendar is used. In this popup calendar, all used holidays are marked red. The time selection can be done by using the up and down arrow buttons beside the time fields.

New stylesheet

A new stylesheet is available. To use this stylesheet, select the stylesheet BlackOrange in the master data of your user. Click MyAccount in the top menu to change your user master data.

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