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ShortName Short name of the CallSystem (up to 12 characters)
Name Name of the CallSystem (up to 30 characters)
UseSuccessors With this flag, the workflow has to be used according to the successor rules. Meaning that only allowed states can follow up a state.
UseActions With this setting the user can use Actions to transform from one state to the next state
IsGlobal Only for test usage! The flag defines the CallSystem global, all customers of the SolveDirect platform would be able to use this CallSystem


Allows only technician of the right queue to work on a call.

PreventCallActionIfDifferentLevel - Allows only technician of the right level to work on a call.

EnableForWorkflowSelection - Defines if a workflow / CallSystem should be viewable for the call open functions “New Call on request”, “New Call on …”

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ServiceGrid > Portal > Architecture > Fields in Portal

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